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Mandatory First Aid

Our Mission Statement:

This is a place for sluts, that can be virgins, but still get around nonetheless. A place for us girls or boys who have resorted to desperation in some shape or form had a sexual relation with Brad Pearce (or any other boy, really).

This is not just a community for whores that have committed some act of intercourse with Brad Pearce, but named The Brad Pearce club because he's gotten around the most with all the girls in the Rocky Mount area in our association and somehow a pseudo club of sorts formed. Keeping the idea that we regretted it afterwords, we decided to bring this to livejournal in community form and open it to any who have stupidly (and probably under some influence or another) resorted to doing "things" with boys (or girls) which turned out to be a total mistake.

This club is just based on an idea of doing things with a boy and feeling bad about it afterwords. It's a place to share horror stories and hilarious anecdotes, or anything else related.

Go crazy and enjoy, fuckers.
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