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For shame.

"phlustercluck: howdy, i just suck at being a boyfriend if u havnt been able to tell, i think it would be best if we didnt go out, u deserve better cause ur a really sweet and cute girl, i would definitely like to hang out with u and get to know u better, but just not seriously, im coming back to rocky mount either this weekend or next if ya wanna hang out, gtg for now tho cause i got a lot of work to b4 class, bye"

Yes, I Belle Blank, went out with Brad Pearce, only later to regret it as he broke up with my AWAY MESSAGE. This is the biggest mistake to have ever taken place in my life. I should've listened to Arielle, Erika, Liz, Brandon, Ryan, Mike, and more importantly... Ms. Cleo. Major props to Cleo, yo, for suggesting that I break up with him while I had the chance. At least I'm the victim. YAY!
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