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bradpearceclub's Journal

Brad Pearce Club
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Anybody , Moderated
We did Brad, or will, or almost did, or thought about it (and now regret it). We decided to make a club about it, to commiserate and share pain. We've developed a five step plan to recovery, and hitting on NORMAL guys again. From here on out, we will be very critical of our men, and very very selective. Each guy we take interest in must get approval from all members of the Brad Pearce Club, cause you may think you like a guy, but you could be wrong.

This is not an open community, so you'll have to email your application to Belle or Arielle (tradehisspeen@aol.com, arielle@g_mail.com).

Have you performed any sexual acts with Brad Pearce?:
If yes, how do you feel about aforementioned sexual acts?:
Have you ever "jammed" with Brad?:
Play Nintendo with Brad?:
Watch random cartoons with Brad and pass out from boredom?:
How far have you gone with YOUR Brad Pearce? (determine your sluttiness):

Since this club is not SOLEY about Brad Pearce, tell us why you're here. Share a horror story or two, as that's what the community is based upon.

Random (this is the part of the survey that reassures us that you don't suck):

Who is your favorite comedian on the I Love the 80's series on Vh1?:
What do you aspire to do with your life?:
Hobos, deck or fin?:
Is kerouacting a dumb name?:

Clause: This club is just based on an idea of doing things with a boy and feeling bad about it afterwards. It's a place to share horror stories and hilarious anecdotes, or anything else related.
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